cute boys wearing sherpa lined jackets

will update if needed.


why i’m loving krystal’s new role in “the bride of habaek”

Krystal Jung has a bitch face. I think we can all agree on that.

So it’s weird as hell to see her portray innocent and “good girl” type characters in my opinion. It’s not so much as weird, but perhaps unfitting.

I heard a lot about how “My Lovely Girl” had been a let down to fans, and honestly I tried watching it and I cringed a bit. Only because seeing Krystal try to play the “goody-two-shoes I desperately need help” character wasn’t cutting it for me.

So when I saw her as Mura in “The Bride of Habaek” I was fucking ecstatic. Like YAS. SLAY GIRL. GIVE THEM THOSE BITCH GLARES AND UNLEASH THAT FEISTINESS. Suits her so much better.

Looking forward to watching her in the next couple of episodes.

mark and jungkook remind me of each other

There’s no denying it, really. I’m not as into GOT7 as I am into BTS but from the limited videos I have seen of Mark Tuan, observing his personality and behaviors and his overall vibe, I must say that he reminds me a whole lot of our residential Golden Maknae, Jeon Jungkook.

For starters, they’re both Virgos, so there’s bound to be something similar there. They’re both naturally shy, quiet, and reserved, and only open up to people who they are completely comfortable around. Both are perfectionists, seem to like sports and adventures, and okay, fun fact, they both like the color red too.

The vibes, people. The vibes.

Fun fact. When I first saw Kookie he reminded me of Yonghwa from CN Blue and Sungyeol from Infinite.

Tell me what y’all think.